Kyle Freund, Senior Strategist

First-hand experience with agriculture and international development are central to Kyle’s more than 15 years of communications work supporting sustainability and small-scale farmers. Kyle has worked with clients ranging from smallholder coffee farmers to Fortune 500 companies including nonprofits, NGOs, and sustainability-minded organizations and businesses.

Kyle served as a communications and media manager for Fairtrade International and Fairtrade America for more than 10 years. Most recently, during his tenure at Fairtrade America he created comprehensive public relations strategies to build reputation and recognition for the organization. He successfully researched, wrote, and placed editorials for publications along with managing media training for key staff.

In generating news coverage and developing digital content, Kyle draws on knowledge gained in agricultural settings as a child and an adult. He grew up on a small dairy farm in Wisconsin and small dairy farm in Wisconsin and later as a Peace Corps volunteer helped a cooperative of small farmers market lamb sausage.